Monday, July 15, 2013

Input command

Here's another of my tutorials.
INPUT "What is your name"NAME$
Now, if your thinking why I didn't put a question mark it's because when I put the $ sign it would do the question mark for me. But here's something cool you can do with whatever the put:
PRINT "Cool "NAME$"!"
So let's say you put Mario. Then it would print Cool Mario! Pretty Cool huh? You can even do this:
INPUT "Do you like me";LIKE$
I  will explain the @YES in the next post. But I can tell you about the second one. It will make it so that if you put No it will end the program. The END statement will make the program anytime you want it too. Also, have you ever got annoyed of the words at the top? Here's how you make it go away:
That's it! Just put that and it will do just that! By the way, if you noticed the edit button at the bottom that is actually the place you should be typing. So just type what you want to happen in there, press the Run button at the bottom, and start typing!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Print Command

Ok, Here is my first post! It is about the Print Command. Here's my first example:
This will make it say Hi. But if you didn't put the quote marks, it would say 0. That is become it thinks it is a number but does not equal any number, so it would equal 0. Speaking of numbers, lets move on to variables and numbers.
This is a variable.
This is obviously a number.
So lets set the variable VAR$ to hi. This is what you have to put:
If you then type Print VAR$ it will print hi.
Now the number part.
Then if you put VAR$*NUM it will print hi hi. Neat huh? But if we do this:
You can put PRINT NUM+(, * or -)NUM2 and it will put what the equation equals.
Now if you know you can do all of this and you have done it already, get ready to move on.
See you on the next post!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Welcome! If you have a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS I suggest that you download a game called petit computer. It lets you create video games, get each others games, and play the games you've saved. This blog will help you learn to create games like me. I hope you like blog!